Monday, January 5, 2009

How to Make $1 MILLION Online (that's right, 1.000.000!) - or THE MILLION DOLLARS PROJECT

Hey there, fortune seekers! I thought this "make $1 million fast and easy" theme was way too popular and ubiquitous to be left aside for too long, so here I am, approaching the unapproachable ;) The $1.000.000 million dollar project is starting.

I must warn you I'm by no means a believer in free rides. If you manage to make $1.000.000 in 1 year or less with almost no starting capital you must have an edge which you are using constantly and effectively. Either that, or you're just another one of those lucky bastards out there.

Anyways, here's the first point I want to share with you tonight: you can make $1000000 by combining together two powerful concepts: capital accumulation and risk management. That's right, essentially that's all it takes to turn any money making technique into a cash cow.

Any starting capital is OK, however if you want to stand a chance for 1 million you should probably start with a reasonable $1.000. Surely nobody stops you from trying out multiplying $1 up to $1000, but that's not really the point. The point is that $1.000.000 is reachable, achievable and I would say PROBABLE if you know how to balance accumulation and risk. Try not to think numbers now. Just focus on the 2 main dishes of our $1.000.000 goal - risk and accumulation.

To illustrate the point, I will just forget about the $1.000 starting capital. Instead, we start from scratch with the final goal of making 1.000.000 in 1 year. You heard me, ZERO RISK! What you will choose as "money-producing" method is now secondary, what matters is the general principle. Your entry in the $1.000.000 dollars race is zero. In terms of cash, your initial risk is zero, but that doesn't mean your input is zero as well. Without knowing it, by lowering your starting capital to zero you automatically increase involvement through other (not money-related) channels, possibly wasting precious TIME and EFFORT. Be it as it may, this level corresponds in my overall plan to the "cover your risk and break free" phase, which is the foundation of any fortune-building plan. Right now, you're not free - your TIME and ENERGY are involved, even leveraged. As we advance to superior levels you will get to see why an initial investment (carefully balanced, of course) can contribute to setting you up for the big jump to a 7 figures bank account faster and safer than starting from scratch.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves... "Cover your risk and break free" is the most important and least rewarding stage of the whole project, since it's the one necessarily involving the safest direction you choose to follow. It's where you "buy" your ticket to $1 million and break free from any stress involving risk throughout the entire project. If you want an idea about a direction to follow please feel free to check out our soon-to-be complete collection of 1000 ways to make money online. Try to think outside the box for a moment, see the big picture and you'll get my point: it's not any particular direction that will turn you into a millionaire overnight, but combining them intelligently by use of just the right balance between risk, returns and accumulation, which is basically a tool used by all successful investors, regardless of the particular nature of their investment.

Conclusion: within this particular direction I actually propose to you an exercise that will effectively put to work the rest of our money making directions. This is not a money making direction in itself, but a tool to leverage results up to levels you never thought possible. You will not only learn how to turn a collection of nickels into a small fortune, but also get to stay by my side as I introduce each direction into the project and make it work for our first goal of $1.000.000.

Stay tuned, will get back to you with more details on our newly born "Million Dollar Project" as we advance in our research on the other directions.

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